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ABC's Imagine This Podcast

ABC Imagine This With Brianna Peterson


ABC’s Imagine This, was ABC Kids listen’s first-ever podcast for Preschool children.

The show was a co-production with the Conversation’s Curious Kids articles, taking questions from curious kids and asking Australia’s leading academics to help answer them.

From “Why don’t cats wear shoes?” to “Where does my poo go when I flush it down the toilet?”, Brianna took on the task of interviewing preschoolers and scientists to get the answers to life’s big questions. Released in May 2018, Season 1 launched with 10 episodes of puzzling questions and quickly became ABC Kid’s Listens’ top-rating podcast. With 3 Seasons, Imagine This has become a pioneering children’s podcast for science and education.

Blending heartfelt conversations with 3-year-olds and scientists, Brianna produced the show with a child-led philosophy to reflect the qualitative concepts of young children. The inspiration to use a classical music score for Imagine This came from early childhood memories where Brianna would sit in her Grandmother’s lounge room listening to Peter And The Wolf  over & over on the record player. Illustrating tricky scientific concepts through sound and music, allows children to imagine their own story by listening to the music.

“Our kids (and parents) love these podcasts so much. When we put them on our kids just stop and listen. They have heard the episodes over and over and can answer the questions straight away. When driving the kids just sit there and take it all in.” – iTunes review

Imagine This ABC Kids Podcast

Imagine This on ABC Kids TV

ABC Imagine This


A small animation series of the Imagine This podcast was produced with ABC & Studio Hackett.

The 6x 1-minute episodes aired on ABC TV and are now available on ABC iView or via the ABC website.

Season 2

Episode 1: Why do we get the hiccups? – featuring Dr. Emma Beckett from the University of Newcastle.
Episode 2: Why are mosquito bites itchy? – featuring Dr. Emily Flies from the University of Tasmania.
Episode 3: Why is the Earth round? – featuring Dr. Jacinta Den Besten from the University of Melbourne.
Episode 4: Why does rain only come from grey clouds? – featuring Robyn Duell from the Bureau of Meteorology.
Episode 5: Where do our recycled items go? – featuring Dr. Trevor Thornton from Deakin University.
Episode 6: How do echidnas breathe underground? – featuring Dr. Christine Cooper from Curtin University.
Episode 7: Why do we need food? – featuring Dr. Amanda Devine from Edith Cowan University.
Episode 8: What are spiderwebs made from? – featuring Dr. Andrew Walker from the University of Queensland.
Episode 9: Why do we have bones? – featuring Dr. Emma Duncan from the University of Queensland.
Episode 10: Is there life in other galaxies? – featuring Dr. Jonti Horner from the University of Southern Queensland.

Season 3

Episode 1: Where do dreams come from? – featuring Dr. Shane Rogers from Edith Cowan University.
Episode 2: Why do birds sing? – featuring Simon Griffith from Macquarie University.
Episode 3: Why do volcanoes erupt? – featuring Heather Handley from Macquarie University.
Episode 4: How do we smell? – featuring Dr. Rodrigo Suarez from the University of Queensland.
Episode 5: Why do leaves fall off trees? – featuring Matilda Brown from the University of Tasmania.
Episode 6: How does our heart beat? – featuring Dr. Shane Nanayakkara from the Baker Institute.
Episode 7: How was the Earth made? – featuring Dr. Niraj Lal from the Australian National University.
Episode 8: Why are there waves? – featuring Mark Hemer from the CSIRO.
Episode 9: Why do we lose our baby teeth? – featuring Dr. Mihiri Silva from the University of Melbourne.
Episode 10: Why did the dinosaurs die? – featuring Dr. Caitlin Syme from the University of Queensland. 
Bonus Episode 11: Why do shooting stars fall out of the sky? – featuring  Dr. Lisa-Harvey Smith from Science and Technology Australia.

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