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At Home With Brie is a weekly kids podcast that brings you conversations with Aussie kids from around the country. Brianna Peterson (former host and producer of ABC Kids Imagine This podcast), gets to the heart of what it’s like to be a kid growing up in Australia at this time in history. Get in touch via our contact page to be a part of the show!

Latest Episodes

Episode 4: Restaurants

What do you do when all the restaurants are closed? You make your OWN restaurant at home. This week 11-year-old Saskia and 6-Year-old AJ from Katoomba share their tips on how to make a unique at-home restaurant. 4-year-old Sophie from Sydney plays the animal game with us, and listen carefully to hear our word of the week!

Episode 3: Barefeet

This week, while Bowie and I are inside, Spencer and Poppy from Dulcot in Tasmania have been hanging outside. 7-year-old Spencer is convinced that bare feet are the way to go to get a good grip for tree climbing, even if there are ants around! His 5-year-old sister Poppy has been practicing her gymnastics outside and has a knock-knock joke for us.

Episode 2: Honey

Oh sweet things are so good! Do you love sweet things? Honey is sweet and oh so delicious! What sweet treats has 5-year-old Maeve from Keynton in Victoria been mixing up at home? Find out as you step into our Creative Corner. Listen carefully for our Word of Week and join me for a special garden tour with 5-year-old Manu from the Blue Mountains NSW. Submit the drawings of your backyard or patio in our Kids Gallery!

Episode 1: Rainbows

Everyone’s been spending so much time at home lately – It’s made me wonder what kind of mischief and mayhem you’ve been getting up to? And what makes your home special. For our very first show I got on the phone to chat with Femi (5yo) and Leda (7yo) from Newcastle NSW. They’ve been painting rainbows for the kids in their neighbourhood. Everett (6yo) from Hartley NSW had a go at guessing some tricky animal sounds. And if you listen real close, you’ll hear our first Word of Week. Check out the rainbow pictures and submit your artwork in our Kids Gallery!

Episode 0: At Home With Brie Trailer

Listen in each week as we chat with kids across Australia and find out what they’ve been up to. From the desert to the sea, our host Brie gets the inside story about what’s going on in the lives of kids all over the country.

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