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Two new podcasts from the maker of Imagine This

Brianna Peterson Bri from ABC Imagine This Kids podcast

“Kids have the ability to play regardless of the circumstances. They can find joy and magic in just about anything. If we listen and play along, we can learn a thing or two.” –Brianna Peterson

Former host and producer of ABC’s Imagine This, Brianna Peterson, has a knack for making authentic programs that speak to the hearts and minds of kids and families.

Brie combines her background in early childcare, radio production & psychology to make exceptional programming for young children. Adopting a child-led philosophy, this podcast starts a real conversation, encouraging emotional literacy, self-awareness, and resilience for young minds across the country. Brianna shines a spotlight into the corners of our daily lives, celebrating the little things that matter to children growing up in Australia.

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“We listen to it all the time. Seriously, it’s making such a difference to us, we can’t thank you enough.” – listener feedback


Instagram: @athomewithbrie

AT Home With Brie, Brianna Peterson's New kids podcast

Season 1 now available for free download. Suitable for children aged 12 years and under.

The kids have something to say...

At Home With Brie a podcast for day
Join Brie as she chats with kids to find out what’s happening in their world. From the desert to the sea, you’ll hear from all sorts of kids, in all sorts of places, doing all sorts of interesting things. Listen in to all the mischief & mayhem happening around the home.

At Home With Brie is an award-winning podcast & call to action during a global pandemic. It gives us a snapshot of what life is like for kids growing up in Australia at this point in history & contributes children’s voices to the global conversation.

At Night with Brie
– a podcast for night
Say goodbye to the day & hello to the night… Settle in for some chill time with Brie as we learn to rest our bodies and unwind using research-based mindfulness & relaxation techniques. This podcast helps busy kids and parents drift off to sleep with calm music and beautiful soundscapes.

Brianna Peterson former ABC Imagine This host Launches new podcast that talks to kids

We're passionate about...

  • Making podcasts with and for children
  • Looking for the good during a global pandemic
  • Building emotional & mental resilience in young children
  • Using the power of podcasts to help us connect
  • All the wild things kids are getting up to around Australia!

The show is a grassroots, homegrown project, produced from Brie’s backyard studio in the Blue Mountains NSW on Dharug and Gundungurra land. A small team of specialists have volunteered their time and expertise to help get this project off the ground.

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